A good SSAT score will get your child into the school they deserve

What Is The SSAT?

  • The SSAT is a standardized test used for admission to private high schools. It is as important as your grades.
  • The test covers math, vocabulary and reading. There is also an unscored essay.
  • The amount of preparation required varies. It depends on how far your score is from the score required for admission at your school of choice.
  • 1-3 months of prep is a typical timeframe for most students.
  • The test is offered in English only.

 Test Dates

  • January 5th 2013      –> Registration deadline:      December 15
  • February 2nd, 2013  –> Registration deadline:      January 12


(There are other dates, but the February exam is the latest test accepted by most schools)

Prep Materials

There are only two released SSAT tests. They can be found in the official study guide, available for $35 plus shipping. Apart from the official guide, prep test companies have published books covering the main topics on the SSAT.

Official SSAT guide: http://www.ssat.org/ssat/test/test-prep-orderguide.html

Ivy Global SSAT Guides: Expensive, but better than any other guides on the market. These guides offer you your best shot of getting your child into the school of their dreams: http://ssatprep.com/shop/ssat-full-set-books

Preparing for the SSAT

The SSAT demands dedication. Be prepared to set aside at least 10 hours per week for studying. Do not wait until the last minute.

The best way to prepare for the SSAT in Montreal, is self-study combined with a tutor. There are no SSAT courses in the city. Contact me to find out more about lessons.

Graeme Blake

Note: I am no longer taking on new students. My fellow SSAT tutor, Lauren Fagen, is taking on new clients. She has access to all the same resources described on this site.

phone:  514-924-8435      |      email:  laurenfagen@gmail.com

SSAT Tutoring Package

Full Package: $1000 Pricing Based on Two Hour Lessons

  • 5 Lessons
  • one Timed SSAT Tests


After I participated to Road to College, and several schools showed me their interest, I only had around 6 week to prepare for the SSAT. Graeme was able to quickly assess my level of knowledge and pinpoint my weaknesses. He prepared a personalized study program. My study program included 2 weekly sessions of 2 hours each with Graeme, and lasted 6 weeks.

I really think that without Graeme’s help, I would have never been able reach the SSAT scores required by the schools I applied to. According to my parents, this was an excellent investment, since Grame’s study program helped me to prepare accordingly, gave me the tools I needed to understand this type of exams and helped my confidence level.

Louis-Philippe Page

Initial Score: 1915         Final Score: 2175      Admitted to: Deerfield Academy


With the tutoring that Graeme gave me, I was able to take the SSAT test with more confidence and had a score that permitted me to realize a dream by going to school at Northwood School in Lake Placid.

Vincent Desharnais

Initial Score: 1773 Final Score: 1875  Admitted to: Northwood School


Jin is studying at St-Andrew’s College.

Everything is good. It’s a really good school which has lots of activities.

I know if my friend’s kids want to learn SSAT I’ll recommend you to them.

Thanks for helping him during summer!

Jianhong Zhang, mother of Jin-zu Zhang

Initial Score: 1845  Final Score: 2076  Admitted to: St-Andrew’s College