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The Best SSAT Books

For a long time, I struggled to recommend SSAT books. Apart from the official guide, none of them were any good. The strategies were hit or miss, and the practice materials were lacking. All SSAT guides were written in combination with the ISEE (an unrelated test) and it was clear that the authors didn’t care about the SSAT.

Finally, that’s changed. Ivy Global has developed a set of SSAT books that blows away everything else on the market. I wrote a review of these books on amazon:

This book is essential for studying for the SSAT. You need to get it.

Why is this book so good? I’m an SSAT tutor. The single biggest difficulty in studying for the exam is the lack of practice materials. The official SSAT guide from SSAT.org only has two tests.

Beyond that, I had my students buy five separate books (total price ~$120) and they still ran out of practice materials. Further, many of the practice questions in those books were not good. They differed significantly from the SSAT materials on the exam. And the strategies were not worth reading – typically those sections were written to fill space. The SSAT strategies in other guides are not what I would recommend for practice.

This book series from Ivy Global has strategies I do recommend AND an ample amount of practice materials. This practice book has two complete tests. And they’re well written tests that closely resemble the actual SSAT.

The Math and English SSAT books (which you should also get – links are at the bottom of this review) offer even more practice materials and strategies.

It would cost $1,000-$2,000 to study privately with a tutor or to take a class. These books offer everything you need, at a total cost of $150. They’re an investment in your child’s future.

I recommend everyone studying for the SSAT get the following four books:

SSAT official guide, available from SSAT.org –> […]
Ivy Global SSAT Practice (this book)
Ivy Global SSAT Math –> Ivy Global SSAT Math (Prep Book)
Ivy Global SSAT English –> Ivy Global SSAT English (Prep Book)

Graeme Blake
SSAT Instructor

p.s. I want to say a word about price. A lot of parents balk at the cost of the three books. “$150….but I normally pay $10 for a book!”.

This is misguided. I teach SSAT classes and tutor students. Either option will cost you about $1,000-$2,000. And yet, if you had to choose between sending your child to me, or getting these books. I would tell you to get the books. These $150 books have more value than a $1500 course.

Also, the equivalent books cost about $120 anyway. If you just get one $20 book you’re putting your child at an immense disadvantage. And if your child is at a disadvantage, they will suffer in admissions. They may even get a smaller scholarship. That will cost your child tens of thousands of dollars.

If you’re sending your child to prep school, you’re committing yourself to spend a vast amount of money on your child’s education. Don’t handicap them by flinching at spending $150 on prep books. Nothing will get a return on investment like these books will.

Buy the Ivy Global SSAT Guides: http://ssatprep.com/shop/ssat-full-set-books

Une version francaise suivera. Effectivement, les guides Ivy Global sont les meilleurs sur le marché. Ils peuvent vraiment aider votre enfant a atteindre une bonne note sur le SSAT et aller a une bonne ecole.

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