After I participated to Road to College, and several schools showed me their interest, I only had around 6 week to prepare for the SSAT. Graeme was able to quickly assess my level of knowledge and pinpoint my weaknesses. He prepared a personalized study program. My study program included 2 weekly sessions of 2 hours each with Graeme, and lasted 6 weeks.

I really think that without Graeme’s help, I would have never been able reach the SSAT scores required by the schools I applied to. According to my parents, this was an excellent investment, since Grame’s study program helped me to prepare accordingly, gave me the tools I needed to understand this type of exams and helped my confidence level.

Louis-Philippe Page

Initial Score: 1915         Final Score: 2175      Admitted to: Deerfield Academy


Jin is studying at St-Andrew’s College.

Everything is good. It’s a really good school which has lots of activities.

I know if my friend’s kids want to learn SSAT I’ll recommend you to them.

Thanks for helping him during summer!

Jianhong Zhang, mother of Jin-zu Zhang

Initial Score: 1845  Final Score: 2076  Admitted to: St-Andrew’s College


Thanks Graeme! Your tutoring and Fernand’s hard work definitely paid off! Fernand scored a 2160 on his SAT, including a 600 on math, a 760 on writing, and a perfect 800 on reading.

He increased his score by 300 points overall!

Lili L., mother of Fernand, an SAT student

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