Ivy Global SSAT Guide Review

The Best SSAT Books

For a long time, I struggled to recommend SSAT books. Apart from the official guide, none of them were any good. The strategies were hit or miss, and the practice materials were lacking. All SSAT guides were written in combination with the ISEE (an unrelated test) and it was clear that the authors didn’t care about the SSAT.

Finally, that’s changed. Ivy Global has developed a set of SSAT books that blows away everything else on the market. I wrote a review of these books on amazon:

This book is essential for studying for the SSAT. You need to get it.

Why is this book so good? I’m an SSAT tutor. The single biggest difficulty in studying for the exam is the lack of practice materials. The official SSAT guide from SSAT.org only has two tests.

Beyond that, I had my students buy five separate books (total price ~$120) and they still ran out of practice materials. Further, many of the practice questions in those books were not good. They differed significantly from the SSAT materials on the exam. And the strategies were not worth reading – typically those sections were written to fill space. The SSAT strategies in other guides are not what I would recommend for practice.

This book series from Ivy Global has strategies I do recommend AND an ample amount of practice materials. This practice book has two complete tests. And they’re well written tests that closely resemble the actual SSAT.

The Math and English SSAT books (which you should also get – links are at the bottom of this review) offer even more practice materials and strategies.

It would cost $1,000-$2,000 to study privately with a tutor or to take a class. These books offer everything you need, at a total cost of $150. They’re an investment in your child’s future.

I recommend everyone studying for the SSAT get the following four books:

SSAT official guide, available from SSAT.org –> […]
Ivy Global SSAT Practice (this book)
Ivy Global SSAT Math –> Ivy Global SSAT Math (Prep Book)
Ivy Global SSAT English –> Ivy Global SSAT English (Prep Book)

Graeme Blake
SSAT Instructor

p.s. I want to say a word about price. A lot of parents balk at the cost of the three books. “$150….but I normally pay $10 for a book!”.

This is misguided. I teach SSAT classes and tutor students. Either option will cost you about $1,000-$2,000. And yet, if you had to choose between sending your child to me, or getting these books. I would tell you to get the books. These $150 books have more value than a $1500 course.

Also, the equivalent books cost about $120 anyway. If you just get one $20 book you’re putting your child at an immense disadvantage. And if your child is at a disadvantage, they will suffer in admissions. They may even get a smaller scholarship. That will cost your child tens of thousands of dollars.

If you’re sending your child to prep school, you’re committing yourself to spend a vast amount of money on your child’s education. Don’t handicap them by flinching at spending $150 on prep books. Nothing will get a return on investment like these books will.

Buy the Ivy Global SSAT Guides: http://ssatprep.com/shop/ssat-full-set-books

Une version francaise suivera. Effectivement, les guides Ivy Global sont les meilleurs sur le marché. Ils peuvent vraiment aider votre enfant a atteindre une bonne note sur le SSAT et aller a une bonne ecole.



After I participated to Road to College, and several schools showed me their interest, I only had around 6 week to prepare for the SSAT. Graeme was able to quickly assess my level of knowledge and pinpoint my weaknesses. He prepared a personalized study program. My study program included 2 weekly sessions of 2 hours each with Graeme, and lasted 6 weeks.

I really think that without Graeme’s help, I would have never been able reach the SSAT scores required by the schools I applied to. According to my parents, this was an excellent investment, since Grame’s study program helped me to prepare accordingly, gave me the tools I needed to understand this type of exams and helped my confidence level.

Louis-Philippe Page

Initial Score: 1915         Final Score: 2175      Admitted to: Deerfield Academy


Jin is studying at St-Andrew’s College.

Everything is good. It’s a really good school which has lots of activities.

I know if my friend’s kids want to learn SSAT I’ll recommend you to them.

Thanks for helping him during summer!

Jianhong Zhang, mother of Jin-zu Zhang

Initial Score: 1845  Final Score: 2076  Admitted to: St-Andrew’s College


Thanks Graeme! Your tutoring and Fernand’s hard work definitely paid off! Fernand scored a 2160 on his SAT, including a 600 on math, a 760 on writing, and a perfect 800 on reading.

He increased his score by 300 points overall!

Lili L., mother of Fernand, an SAT student


SSAT Sections

The SSAT Has Five Sections

SSAT Sections

The SSAT has five sections

The SSAT has five sections:

  • 1 Unscored essay.
  • 1 scored Verbal Section
  • 2 scored Math Sections
  • 1 Scored Reading Section

The SSAT is only offered in English. For timing of the sections on an Upper level exam, take a look at this post. To find sample questions for every section, please see the official SSAT website or order the official SSAT guide to get two full practice tests.

Now for a description of each section.


SSAT Essay

The SSAT Essay is Unscored

This section gives you a brief prompt, usually an English idiom such as ‘no pain, no gain’. The student has 25 minutes to plan and write an essay in which they agree or disagree with the idea expressed in the prompt.

There is no right or wrong answer. The prompts are such that a case can be made for either side. Indeed, the best essays acknowledge the weak points of their own side.

The essay is not scored. Instead, a copy is sent to the school. Schools use these according to their own policies. In most cases the schools use it to get a sense of the student’s writing abilities when they don’t have any help from a parent or a tutor.

This section is particularly challenging for non-native speakers, as some of the prompts are incomprehensible unless the student is already familiar with the idiom. Non-native speakers should study lists of English idioms (sayings) to boost their chances of recognizing the essay prompt.

Math Section

SSAT Geometry

Geometry Is Important On The SSAT

The math section doesn’t require knowledge of advanced mathematical concepts. No trigonometry, calculus, or anything beyond basic algebra.

Instead, the math section tests your child’s ability to reason through logical problems, and their mental arithmetic.

This post talks about using the Khan Academy to get better at mental math.

Students have 25 minutes to finish the math section, and there are 25 questions. On average, each question should take one minute. There are two math sections.

Reading Section

SSAT Reading Section

SSAT Reading has around 8 passages

The reading section consists of 40 questions, with a 40 minute time limit. Just like the math sections, that leaves 1 minute per question. The section has around 8 short passages on a variety of subjects. Usually about half will be non-fiction covering various subjects: art, music, science, history. One passage is generally a poem, these can be difficult, especially for non-native speakers. The other passages tend to be fiction or more non-fiction.

The passages are not overly difficult, but the time limit makes it tricky to gain a full understanding. Nonetheless, spending enough time to understand the passage is the best strategy, it will increase a student’s speed as they move through the questions.

See this post about  how to improve SSAT reading skills.

Verbal Section

SSAT Words

Learn More Words

The verbal section is the hardest section to get better at. This is because it mostly tests knowledge of vocabulary. Vocabulary takes a long time to build, so success at the vocabulary section depends on what the student has learned in their past.

There are two types of verbal questions: analogies and synonyms.

Analogies are easier to improve at. With proper strategies, it’s possible to correctly guess some questions even when the student doesn’t know all the words. An example of an analogy is ‘soap is to body as shampoo is to hair’. The best way to solve many analogies is to think of a sentence that explains the relationship. Soap is something that cleans the body, and shampoo cleans hair.

Synonyms are the other half of the verbal section, and they are much harder. One word is given, and the student must find another word that has the same meaning. Often, obscure meanings of the word are used. The only reliable way to improve is to learn more words. Learning root word, suffixes and prefixes is of some use.

See this post on improving your vocabulary, and this post on SSAT reading materials for tips on how to get better at SSAT verbal.

Deciding What To Focus On

SSAT Priorities


There are two big questions to ask to decide how to prioritize:

  1. What do you score on each section?
  2. How easy is it to improve?

For instance, you might have a low Verbal score, but realize that it’s easier to make progress on math. Therefore you should focus on math.

For more detailed advice on tutoring, or for help creating a study plan, contact me for tutoring.

A good study guide can help you learn the SSAT. The best guides for all sections are by Ivy Global. No other guide on the market comes close in terms of both the strategies offered and the quantity of the practice materials.

They’re expensive, but it’s worth it. For $100 more than other guides, you might earn a scholarship worth tens of thousands of dollars.


Une version Francaise suivra.


SSAT Math Section

The SSAT Requires Good Mental Math


The SSAT Requires Mental Math

The SSAT does not required advanced mathematical knowledge. Students don’t need to know trigonometry, calculus, or anything more than basic algebra.

Yet the SSAT math section can be difficult even for students who are already good at math. Why? Two reasons. First, many SSAT math questions are phrased as logical puzzles, which can be tricky to understand and solve. A solid understanding of the mathematical tools tested on the SSAT helps. Further gains at SSAT math logic can come from private lessons.

The other tough element of SSAT math is that students can’t use a calculator. Almost all schools emphasize calculators in modern math classes, and as a result, most students are not good at mental math.

Your child will find the SSAT math section much easier if they become more confident at calculating equations in their head. Fortunately, a free web site helps them do that. I have all my students practice arithmetic using the Khan Academy. The Khan Academy is a series of free Youtube videos and math exercises that has received support from Bill Gates and Google.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Students try a series of problems.
  2. If they master them, they move on to harder problems.
  3. If they have trouble, they try more problems.
  4. If they’re truly stuck, they can watch a Youtube video explaining the concept.
  5. Once the software determines they understand, they can move on.

It’s very effective, fun, and the fastest way I’ve found to improve arithmetic. Have your child make an account today.


The best SSAT math book is by Ivy Global: http://ssatprep.com/shop/math

Le SSAT Exige Des Habilités en Arithmetic

SSAT Arithmetic

Arithmetic Helps With The SSAT

Le SSAT n’exige pas des connaisances avancées en math. Les etudiants n’ont pas besoin de connaitrele trigonometrie, ni le calculus, ni plus que l’algebra basique.

Mais la section math du SSAT peut etre difficile, meme pour des etudiants qui sont bon en mathematiques. Pourquoi? Deux raisons. D’abord, la plupart des problemes mathematiques sur le SSAT sont ecrites commes des problemes de logique, qui peut etre melent. Une conaissance profonde des techniques mathematiques testées par le SSAT peut aider. Des lecons particuliers peuvent aider a fortifier ces connaisances.

L’autre difficulté c’est que le SSAT ne permet pas de calculatrice. Les etudiants d’aujourd’hui sont tres dependent sur leurs calculatrices, et comme consequence ils ont que une capacité faible pour faire des calculs mentales.

Heureusement une site web gratuite aide a apprendre la math mentale. Je conseil a tous mes etudiants d’utiliser la site Khan Academy. Le Khan Academy est une serie de videos Youtube gratuits et exercises mathematiques qui a recu du support de Bill Gates et Google.

Voice comment ca marche:

  1. Les eleves essaient des problemes sur un theme.
  2. Si ils maitrisent les problemes, ils peuvent progresser.
  3. Sinon, ils peuvent essayer plus de problemes.
  4. Si ils sont vraiment bloquer, ils peuvent regarder une video Youtube qui explique le concept.
  5. Des que le logiciel voit qu’ils comprennent, l’eleve peut progresser a des nouveau problemes.

C’est efficace, amusant, et la moyen le plus vite que j’ai jamais vue pour ameliorer le math mentale. Votre enfant devrait faire un comte gratuit des aujourd’hui.


La meilleure livre de math pour le SSAT est faite par Ivy Global: http://ssatprep.com/shop/math


SSAT Verbal Section

Build Your Vocabulary for SSAT Success

SSAT Vocabulary

Vocabulary is the key to the SSAT Verbal Section

The SSAT Verbal section can be the most frustrating for students. It tests two things: analogies and synonyms. There are some strategies to get better at those even when you don’t know the words. But most progress on the Verbal section depends on how many words you know.

So Verbal is not an easy section to improve at. There are two ways to get better. One is fun, and the other is boring. You should do both.

The fun way is to get better at reading by reading more. This takes time.

The boring way is to memorize lists of words, as well as lists of prefixes and suffixes. It’s not fun, but I’ve seen students make decent improvements using this method.

Ivy Global has a good list of words, as well as a list of word roots. It’s designed for the SAT, but works for the SSAT as well: http://www.ivyglobal.ca/sat/sat_vocabulary.asp

Help your child memorize those words by buying flashcards and quizzing them. They should aim to learn at least 10-20 new words per day.

Another good option is a book called Direct Hits. It teaches vocabulary using stories and short paragraphs to help it stick.

The best book for SSAT verbal overall is by Ivy Global. They have extensive sections devoted to vocabulary acquisition. http://ssatprep.com/shop/english

Cultivez Votre Vocabulaire Pour Améliorer Sur la Section Verbale Du SSAT

La section Verbale du SSAT peut etre la plus frustrante pour des eleves. Ca test connaisance de deux choses: analogies et synonyms. Il y a des techniques pour ameliorer meme quand vous ne conaissez pas les mots. Mais la plupart du progress sur la section Verbale depend sur ameliorer votre vocabulaire anglais.

Il y a deux moyens d’ameliorer. Un est amusant, l’autre plat.

La method amusant est de lire plus. Mais ca prend de temps pour mener a des resultats.

La method plat (mais efficace) est de memorizer des lists de mots, ainsi que des listes de prefixes et suffixes. C’est pas amusant, mais j’ai vue des etudiants faire des bons progres utilisant cette method.

Ivy Global a un bon list de mots, ainsi qu’un liste de prefixes. C’est fait pour le SAT, mais ca marche bien pour le SSAT aussi: http://www.ivyglobal.ca/sat/sat_vocabulary.asp

Aidez votre enfant a amelior en achetant des flashcards et leur tester sur leurs nouveaux conaissances. Ils devraient essayer de memorizer au moins 10-20 nouveau mots par jour.

Une autre bonne choix est un livre qui s’appele Direct Hits. Ca enseigne la vocabulaire avec des petits histoires.

La meilleure livre de SSAT verbale en generale est par Ivy Global. Ils ont plein de materiaux sur l’acquisition de vocabulaire. http://ssatprep.com/shop/english


Improving At The SSAT Reading Section

Read More To Get Better At The SSAT

SSAT Reading

Read more to improve at the SSAT

Students often find the reading section of the SSAT to be the hardest section to improve at. But it can be done.

There are SSAT specific strategies that I teach students when I tutor them. But there are also things your child can do at home to get better.

They key is reading more. Students who read a lot, in English, are naturally better at reading, and do better at the SSAT reading section. There are a few good sources:


Much of the content on the SSAT reading section is in the same style as newspapers. Have your child spend a half hour every day reading a newspaper, and they will learn vocabulary and be more comfortable reading journalistic passages on the SSAT. Here are some good English-language newspapers that use appropriate vocabulary:

If your child already reads one of these newspapers and they need something more advanced, the Economist is a good option. However, this magazine is likely a little advanced for most SSAT students.

Classic Books


Sherlock Holmes is a great SSAT practice book

Reading any book will be useful for the SSAT. But it is best to focus on older books with a rich vocabulary: these offer the best preparation for the complex, wordy passages on the SSAT.

The trick is finding a book that is both advanced AND fun to read. Otherwise your child won’t be motivated to finish.

I recommend Sherlock Holmes to all the boys I tutor. It’s a good choice for girls too, if they enjoy it. It’s fast paced, fun to read, yet the writing is complex enough to teach better reading skills. For girls I recommend Pride and Prejudice (though it’s a great book for boys too, if they get into it).

Read Every Day

Whatever your child reads, they should do it every day. Daily practice is the best way to improve at a skill. With diligent effort, your child will see score increases on the reading section. For advice targeted to the SSAT reading section itself, contact me for tutoring. It’s hard to give general advice, as it depends on how your child is currently approaching the reading section.

The best book for improving at SSAT English is by Ivy Global. It has great strategies for improving reading, and extensive practice materials for SSAT reading: http://ssatprep.com/shop/english

Lisez Plus (En Anglais) Pour Ameliorer Vos Notes de SSAT Lecture

Les eleves trouvent souvent que la section lecture du SSAT est la section qui est la plus difficile a ameliorer. Cette section est surtout tres difficile pour des eleves qui ont fait leurs etudes en Francais.

Il y a des strategies specifiques a cette section que j’enseigne mes eleves quand je fais des lecons particuliers. Mais il y a aussi des choses que votre enfant peut faire lui meme pour ameliorer.

Le secret est de faire plus de lectures. Des etudiants qui lisent beaucoup, en Anglais, reussisent mieux sur le SSAT. Il y a plusiers choses qui sont bonnes a lire:

Des Journaux

Beaucoup de la contenu de la section de lecture de la SSAT est dans la meme style des journeaux. Assurez que votre enfant prends 30 minutes par jour pour lire un journal Anglophone. Il va apprendre de la vocabulaire, et il serait plus comfortable avec les passages journalistiques du SSAT. Voici des bons journeaux Anglophones qui utilisent de la vocabulaire approprié:

If your child already reads one of these newspapers and they need something more advanced, the Economist is a good option. However, this magazine is likely a little advanced for most SSAT students.

Des Livres Classiques

Lire n’importe quel livre serait utile pour le SSAT. Mais c’est mieux de lire des livres plus vieux qui ont une vocabulaire riche. Ils offrent la meilleur preparation pour les passages complex sur la SSAT.

Il faut trouver un livre qui et complex ET interessant. Sinon votre enfant ne serait pas motivé.

Je sugere Sherlock Holmes a tous mes eleves masculins. C’est un bon choix pour les filles aussi, si elles aiment cette sujet. Le livre est excitant, et utilise un structure avancée. Pour des filles je sugere Pride and Prejudice (mais c’est un bon livre pour les garcons aussi).

Lisez Chaque Jour

Il faut lire chaque jour pour ameliorer. La pratique quotidien est la meilleur facon d’apprendre un nouveau habilité. Avec pratique, votre enfant va voir des notes plus élévés sur la section de lecture.

Pour des conseils plus specifiques sur cette section, contactez moi a propos des lecons particuliers.

La meilleure livre pour le section de lecture du SSAT est par Ivy Global. Ils ont plein de strategies et materiaux de pratique: http://ssatprep.com/shop/english


SSAT Study Plan

Studying For The SSAT The Right Way

SSAT Study Plan

The Road to SSAT Success

Studying for the SSAT takes effort. It’s important you channel that effort in the right direction. Here are the steps:

  1. Gather Materials
  2. Figure out where you stand (Test Yourself)
  3. Form a Plan
  4. Practice

1. Gather Materials

The most important thing for you to do is to buy the official SSAT guide. It’s the only source of real SSAT questions. If needed, you can buy some more SSAT books. 

Update: A new set of SSAT books arrived, and they’re now the best on the market. The guides by Ivy Global are expensive, but they’re the best investment you can make for SSAT prep. They have good strategies for all sections, and more practice materials than all other guides combined. I recommend getting the complete set.

Ivy Global SSAT books: http://ssatprep.com/shop/ssat-full-set-books

Review which materials are allowed (pencils and erasers). Buy good pencils and erasers.

2. Test Yourself

Set aside three hours to take one of the tests from the official guide. Grades 8-11 take the upper level test.

Help your child by timing them. It’s much easier to take a test if someone else is timing you. Review the instructions on properly timing an SSAT. If this is difficult, I offered proctored SSAT exams for students.

Score your test, and compare your score to that required by your target schools.

3. Form a Plan

Review the test thoroughly. See what your child got wrong, and try to figure out why. Once you assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses, you’ll be best placed to decide what they should focus on when they study.

4. Practice

Getting better at the SSAT requires hard work. Your child should set aside at least ten hours per week to study. Progress depends on getting better at the underlying skills tested: math, logic, vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing skills.

Un Plan D’Etude Pour Le SSAT

Etudier pour le SSAT prend de l’effort. C’est important que vous vous assurez de diriger vos efforts dans la bonne direction. Voice les étapes a suivre:

  1. Acheter les materiels
  2. Assesser votre niveau
  3. Créer un plan
  4. Pratiquer

1. Acheter les materiels

La chose la plus important est d’acheter la guide officiel du SSAT. C’est la seul source de vrai questions SSAT. Si vous avez besoin, vous pouvez achetez des autres livres SSAT.

Update: Il existe des nouveaux guides de SSAT, ecrites par Ivy Global. Ils sont les meilleurs sur le marche. Ils ont pleins de bons strategies, et plus de materiaux de pratique que tout autre guide. Ils coutent cheres, mais c’est de loin la meilleur investissement que vous pouvez faire pour ameliorer sur le SSAT.

Ivy Global SSAT books: http://ssatprep.com/shop/ssat-full-set-books

Lisez a propos de quel materiels sont permises le jour du test (crayons, et gommes a effacer). Achetez des bons crayons et gommes a effacer.

2. Assesser votre niveau

Prenez trois heures pour passer un des tests de la guide officiel. Les eleves de 14-17 ans doivent prendre le test ‘Upper Level’.

Aidez votre enfant en leur minutant pendant la test. C’est plus facile de passer un examen sous chronometre si quelqu’un d’autre fait la minutage. Revisez les instructions pour le minutage d’un SSAT. Si cela est difficile, j’offre une service d’examens minutés.

Calculez votre note sur le SSAT, et comparez cette note avec celui requise par vos écoles ciblées.

3. Créer un plan

Revisez profondement la test. Investigez les fautes que votre enfant a fait, et essayez de voir pour quoi il a fait ces fautes. Apres que vous avez formez un idée de ses points forts et faiblesses, vous allez etre bien placé pour decider ce qu’il devrait étudier.

4. Pratiquer

Ameliorer votre note SSAT prend de l’effort. Votre enfant devrait dediquer au moins dix heures par semaine pour étudier. Le progress depend sur ameliorer ses habitudes de bases: math, logique, vocabulaire, comprehension de lecture, ecriture.



SSAT Test Day Materials

No Calculators Allowed On The SSAT

SSAT Calculator

No Calculators on the SSAT

The SSAT has a strict policy on materials allowed. Make sure you don’t bring anything you’re not allowed to on test day. In particular, you can’t use a calculator.

What You Can Bring

  • Your Admission Ticket
  • Sharpened Pencils (I recommend Mirado)
  • An Eraser (I recommend Staedtler)
  • Photo ID

You will be given scrap paper during the test, but you can’t bring your own.

What You Can’t Bring

  • A calculator
  • A dictionary
  • A ruler
  • A cell phone
  • A computer
  • A pen

You can bring snacks, but you can only eat them during breaks.

Check the SSAT website’s section on test day for more info.

Practice For the SSAT the Right Way

When you practice, you should only use the materials you’re allowed to use on test day. Otherwise you’re handicapping yourself by getting used to an advantage that won’t be there when you actually take the test.

Pencil, eraser, paper. That’s it.

Pas De Calculatrice Sur Le SSAT

Le SSAT est stricte avec les materiels permises. Soyez certain de ne rien apporter qui n’est pas permise. En particulier, les calculatrices ne sont pas permises.

Ce Que Vous Pouvez Apportez

  • Votre Billet D’admission
  • Des crayons (Je sugere Mirado)
  • Une gomme a effacer(Je sugere Staedtler)
  • Une photo d’identification

Vouz aller recevoir du papier pendent l’examen, mais vous ne pouvez pas apporter du papier. You will be given scrap paper during the test, but you can’t bring your own.

Ce Que Vous Ne Pouvez Pas Apporter

  • Une calculatrice
  • Une dictionaire
  • Une regle
  • Une telephone mobile
  • Une ordinateur
  • Une stylo

Vous pouvez apportez de la nourriture, mais vous pouvez manger que pendant les pauses.

Consultez le site SSAT pour plus d’infos.

Practiquez Avec Les Materiels Permises

Quand vous pratiquez, vous devrez utiliser que les materiels que vous pouvez utilisez le jour de l’examen. Sinon vous vous handicapez, parce que vous vous donnez une aventage qui ne serez pas la le jour de test.

Crayon, gomme a effacer, papier. C’est tout.


SSAT Tutoring

SSAT Tutoring Gets Higher Scores

SSAT Tutoring

Tutoring is the most effective way to learn

I’ve tutored many students. My SSAT students typically score 200-300 points higher after 10-12 lessons. For many students, this is the difference between rejection and acceptance to the school of their choice.

As a student, the SSAT is new. There are patterns to the test that aren’t obvious when you first try it. As an experienced tutor, I can show your child those patterns.

Tutoring is 1-on-1. This lets me see your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Once I have a sense of where they are, I’ll be able to create a tailored study plan to take them to where they want to be.

I know many of you don’t live in Montreal. I also offer Skype lessons if you live out of town. These work exactly like normal lessons. I draw math problems using an iPad. I’ve tutored students all over North America.

If you’re interested in lessons, give me a call at 514-924-8435   or fill out my contact form.

Des Lessons Particuliers Donne Une Meilleur Note SSAT

J’ai donné des lessons a beaucoup d’eleves. Mes eleves SSAT normalement gagnent 200-300 points apres 10-12 lessons de deux heures. Pour beaucoup d’etudiants, c’est la difference entre rejection ou acceptance a l’ecole de leur choix.

Pour une eleve, le SSAT est tout neuf. Il y a des characteristiques du test qui ne sont pas evident. Comme professeur d’experience, je peut enseigner votre enfant ces characteristiques.

Les lecons particuliers me permettent de voirs les points forts et faiblesses de votre enfant. Des que je connais leurs abilités, je vais pouvoir créer un plan d’études specifique a leurs besoins.

Je said que plusiers qui lisent ca n’habitent pas a Montreal. C’est pourquoi j’offre aussi des lecons sur Skype. C’es lessons sur internet fonctionnent exactement comme des lecons normales. Je dessine les problems de math avec un iPad. J’ai donné des lecons a des eleves partout en Amerique du Nord.

Si vous aimerez des lecons ou si vous avez des questions, appelez moi a 514-924-8435   ou remplissez mon formulaire de contact.

Fill out my online form.


SSAT Test Dates 2012/2013

Take The February SSAT At The Latest

SSAT Dates 2012 - 2013

Don’t miss the SSAT Deadline

If you are applying this year, February is the last SSAT you can take and still be accepted. There are three dates you can choose from:

  1. December 8, 2012. The registration deadline has passed, but late registration is open until November 24th
  2. January 5, 2013. Registration deadline is December 15th.
  3. February 2, 2013. Registration deadline is January 12th.

For a full list of registration dates, see the SSAT website.

Fevrier Est La Date Limite Pour Le SSAT

Si vous faites vos applications cette année, Fevrier est le dernier SSAT que vous pouvez passer. Il y a 3 dates qui restent pour passer le SSAT:

1. 8 Decembre, 2012. La date pour registreé est deja passé, mais vous pouvez registrer pour des frais additionelles, jusqu’a le 24 Novembre.

2. 5 Janvier, 2013. La date d’inscription est le 15 Decembre.

3. 2 Fevrier, 2013. La date d’inscription est le 12 Janvier.

Pour une liste complete, allez au site web SSAT.